Axial Fans application fields

Axial fans

are mainly applied in equipment dedicated to exchange heat through environmental air. Cooling Towers, Air-Cooled Condensers and Air Cooled Heat Exchangers are typical applications.

Field Erected cooling towers

are used for industrial processes and in power generation plants. Cofimco’s G and AX series fans in FRP are typically applied due to wet and sometimes aggressive environments in Cooling Towers. Fan diameters range from 16’ to 40’.

Package Cooling Towers

are mainly used in HVAC applications. Produced in both FRP and aluminum, the M and B series fans range in diameter from 4’ to 18’. For low noise applications, the CX series fan can be considered.

Air-Cooled Condensers

are a main component in power plants. ACC’s typically are designed with large diameter fans (20’ to 36’). Cofimco’s G and AX series fans in both FRP and aluminum are typically supplied.

Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

(ACHE) are used primarily in process industries (petrochemical, oil refining and gas compression). The Cofimco B series flexi fan is particularly suited for this application in both FRP and aluminum with diameters ranging from 3’ to 18’. Autovariable pitched fans are available when airflow control is required while for ultra low noise applications, CX fans can be used.

Forced ventilation systems

are suited for the aluminum Cofimco M series fan when the performance/price ratio is a criterion.